LVBI Accreditation

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We’re pleased to announce that Hemisphere Freight Services now has full customs authorisation at London Heathrow under LVBI (Low Value Bulking of Imports).

LVBI gives our e-commerce team the capability to bulk clear numerous low value items without the need to apply for individual importers VAT/EORI numbers.

All low value items with an individual value of no more than £15.00 can be customs cleared in bulk in batches of up to 99 items per HAWB and these are imported duty and tax free. We can also clear medium value consignments in a similar way. Medium value items have a value between £15.00 up to £135.00 – these can be cleared free of duty, but are liable to 20% import VAT. Any item with a value over £135.00 is liable to duty and 20% VAT.

All e-commerce cargo is customs cleared and arranged through our ETSF customs bonded area within our Heathrow warehouse, in accordance with current HMRC regulations.

We offer same-day turnaround from flight arrival, through customs clearance to actual dispatch, whether that be re-mailing or delivery to a distribution centre, such as Amazon.

If you’d like to find out more about our e-commerce logistics solutions and how our 100% same-day turnaround can offer your business genuine competitive advantage, please get in touch with our team today.