Abnormal Load Services

With our expert team and connections to specialist vehicle operators worldwide, we are able to handle the haulage of any abnormal load, regardless of origin or destination.

First Class Abnormal Loads Service

At Hemisphere Freight Services, we thrive on the challenge of transporting abnormal or oversized loads. Whether we are moving power transformers, luxury yachts or cranes, our projects team has extensive experience in shipping non-containerised cargo of all shapes and sizes, working closely with specialist vessel owners and transport partners worldwide.

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  • An award-winning team to look after your oversized and out of gauge cargo

  • 24/7 support to ensure consignments are delivered safely, efficiently and on budget

  • Access to all specialist vehicle and vessel types through our global partner network

  • Detailed site and route surveys ahead of transportation to prevent unexpected issues

  • On-site supervision, tracking and delivery destination attendance where required

  • Long-term partnerships with multiple clients who trust us to look after their logistics

Our Abnormal Load Capabilities

An abnormal load is classed as any piece of cargo that is too heavy, large or cumbersome to be transported safely in a standard shipping container or trailer. Here are just some of the abnormal loads we have transported at Hemisphere.

  • Power transformers

  • Cranes

  • Underground water storage tanks

  • Gas scrubbers

  • Drilling rigs

  • Wind turbines

  • Autoclaves

  • Cruise ship antennas

  • Industrial printers

  • Data centres

  • Factory machinery

  • Luxury yachts

  • Light aircraft

  • Subsea buoyancy models

Case Study

Putting our Abnormal Loads Expertise to the Test

Our abnormal loads capabilities have seen us transport all manner of cargo over the years, all of which have tested our team's expertise in this specialist field.

Fred. Olsen TVO Antenna


  • Industrial
"This project was truly a team effort from start to finish, and we took great pride in witnessing this specialist piece of equipment being installed in its final location."

Glenn Yellop

Team Supervisor - Ocean Exports, HFS

Liebherr Sunderland Works


  • Industrial
"Proper preparation and efficient planning were absolutely critical to the success of this mammoth project. There were a few unforeseen challenges along the way, but our excellent project manager handled whatever the job threw at him."

Daniel Morgan

Project Coordinator

Leiston Transformer


"As well as sourcing various specialist transportation solutions, we also ensured that additional security was in place for the cargo and road trailer whilst on quay awaiting its permitted delivery date."

Daniel Morgan

Project Manager



  • Industrial
"When you're playing a major part in a construction project to carry water between countries to resolve irrigation problems, you have to be on top of your game and ensure strict deadlines and specific project requirements are met."

Louis Perrin


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