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Liebherr Crane

Project Logistics

We were very pleased to partner with Liebherr Sunderland Works again to handle their transport requirements when moving a 240-ton harbour crane from factory to ship side. Having been involved from the very beginning of the job (at quotation stage), our project manager was in contact and on hand to oversee every aspect of the movement, from planning to operation completion.

Our role was to move all the various dismantled and packed parts of this 240-ton crane from the client’s factory to port, where the crane would be loaded aboard a breakbulk vessel and shipped to its final destination in Russia.

Although the client’s factory was on the riverside itself, the river had become so heavily silted that it was not navigable by commercial vessels. Due to the size of the crane’s huge undercarriage, which measured over 15 metres long and 5.5 metres wide, and weighed 72 tonnes, the only possible port of loading was the nearby Port of Sunderland.

Proper preparation and efficient planning were absolutely critical to the success of this mammoth project. There were a few unforeseen challenges along the way, but our excellent project manager handled whatever the job threw at him.

Daniel Morgan

Project Co-ordinator

Daniel - HFS Team Member