Apr 22

Understanding the Rising Costs of Shipping

Clock 6 minutes to read

Anyone involved with shipping goods from one part of the world to another will know how much the landscape has changed in terms of increased costs. The rise in...read more
Jun 21

LCL Shipping – How Does It Work?

Clock 8 minutes to read

Shipping small consignments of goods on an ad-hoc basis can become quite expensive, especially if you find yourself hiring a whole container but not using all the space. With...read more
Apr 21

Transit Documentation – Everything You Need to Know

Clock 7 minutes to read

The UK’s departure from the EU has increased the need for transit documentation. In this guide, we explain the Common Transit Convention (CTC) and the documents you will need...read more
Mar 21

Duty Relief Schemes – What Options Are Available?

Clock 8 minutes to read

If you’re bringing goods into the UK from overseas, then it’s fairly certain you’ll need to pay customs duty and VAT on their value. However, where your imports are...read more
Mar 21

How To Find Your Tariff Code – A Simple Guide

Clock 8 minutes to read

What Is A Tariff Code? A tariff code – also known as a commodity code or HS code – is a key element of the shipping process. The code...read more