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Container Number Size Devan Day Status
BSIU247664720 DVWed 19th June 2024Completed
TRHU444126140 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
GESU650545840 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
MEDU853801640 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
FFAU297835840 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
CSLU610270140 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
MSKU923684140 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
DFSU728477240 DVWed 19th June 2024Completed
EGHU914535340 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
FSCU571407840 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
FFAU277131340 HCWed 19th June 2024Completed
CSNU731745040 DVWed 19th June 2024Arrived
MRKU622894340 DVWed 19th June 2024Arrived
TGBU325883820 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
FCIU955453340 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
MSNU727971040 DVThu 20th June 2024Completed
TRHU400254640 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
UHLU420121220 DVThu 20th June 2024Completed
OOLU987931040 HCThu 20th June 2024Completed
TGBU589983040 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
BMOU584955940 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
OOLU912526440 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
OERU418677840 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
GCXU547877840 HCThu 20th June 2024Arrived
TTNU864626940 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
BSIU247749520 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
NST2320 DVThu 20th June 2024Landed
MSDU409402940 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
MSDU433540340 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
CBHU413801020 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
CBHU411430120 DVThu 20th June 2024Arrived
1 X EX ROAD45 DVThu 20th June 2024Completed
DRYU295461220 DVFri 21st June 2024Landed
TCKU631514040 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
FFAU311944440 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
CSLU620833440 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
TRHU870871540 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
OERU402059740 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
MSKU103760640 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
OOCU789868040 DVFri 21st June 2024Landed
MTBU021087140 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
OOLU037525720 DVFri 21st June 2024Landed
SEGU661792040 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
CSNU795094140 HCFri 21st June 2024Landed
MRKU870835020 DVFri 21st June 2024Landed
MRSU546794640 DVFri 21st June 2024Planned
CBHU414489920 DVFri 21st June 2024Released
1X20' EX ROA20 DVFri 21st June 2024Planned
CSNU151691720 DVMon 24th June 2024Planned
CBHU416466320 DVMon 24th June 2024Released
CSNU122686220 DVMon 24th June 2024Released
MSMU438650040 HCMon 24th June 2024Released
ONEU223316320 DVMon 24th June 2024Planned
MRKU641218540 HCMon 24th June 2024Released
CAAU599077540 HCMon 24th June 2024Landed
TCNU531282040 DVMon 24th June 2024Planned
MRKU565769240 HCMon 24th June 2024Planned
MRSU588858640 HCMon 24th June 2024Planned
TCNU833902240 FRMon 24th June 2024Planned
FFAU377096540 HCMon 24th June 2024Released
MSMU499734540 HCMon 24th June 2024Released
CRSU911733440 HCMon 24th June 2024Released
CXDU204466840 DVMon 24th June 2024Released
MSNU272907520 DVMon 24th June 2024Planned
FFAU244763940 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
OOCU889353340 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
OOLU930517940 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
CVCU036333420 DVTue 25th June 2024Released
TRHU575895040 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
FFAU331838540 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
FFAU319361040 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
CSNU662007740 DVTue 25th June 2024Released
CSNU655533040 DVTue 25th June 2024Released
TGHU612970740 HCTue 25th June 2024Planned
MEDU897805740 HCTue 25th June 2024Planned
OERU412413840 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
EMCU536376840 DVTue 25th June 2024Released
EMCU834194740 HCTue 25th June 2024Released
MSMU839285640 HCTue 25th June 2024Planned
CSLU193890020 DVWed 26th June 2024Planned
SLEU229881620 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
SEGU998010040 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
FCIU574800020 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
OOCU694952540 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
SEKU467245540 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
OOCU689383240 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
CSNU852845840 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
MAGU520835240 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
OOLU887407840 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
OOLU912497240 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
TCNU888373540 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
CSNU615727640 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
OOLU933950140 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
CBHU947620040 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
TEMU340998120 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
CCLU766912940 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
BMOU105847820 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
BSIU924656440 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
PSLU271893920 DVWed 26th June 2024Planned
TUTU205791720 DVWed 26th June 2024Planned
OOLU021693320 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
CCLU733791040 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
FFAU280447040 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
TEMU683062840 HCWed 26th June 2024Released
CSNU796255740 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
OOLU150553020 DVWed 26th June 2024Released
COYU316542220 DVWed 26th June 2024Planned
CSLU610117740 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
TEMU716652940 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
BSIU811419940 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
MSMU416785740 HCWed 26th June 2024Planned
OOLU171932020 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
CSNU191210020 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
DFSU115591020 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
TGBU232243920 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
TUTU205938120 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
SEGU467138840 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
MSDU627317340 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
BMOU554493040 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
MRKU775932720 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
MSMU214872920 DVThu 27th June 2024Planned
FFAU413135740 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
MSMU520812240 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
SEKU446699040 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
MSDU857885040 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
BEAU427443440 HCThu 27th June 2024Planned
CSNU795212140 HCFri 28th June 2024Released
EITU149267640 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
OOLU150729720 DVFri 28th June 2024Released
OOCU673769740 HCFri 28th June 2024Released
TCNU551184240 HCFri 28th June 2024Released
KOCU423755340 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
HMMU624723540 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
TUTU455800040 HCFri 28th June 2024Released
TEMU277330320 DVFri 28th June 2024Released
OOLU684716040 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
CSLU623889540 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
SUDU699635640 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
OOCU764864040 HCFri 28th June 2024Released
OOCU681237940 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
TCLU492587740 HCFri 28th June 2024Planned
EMCU563269840 DVSat 29th June 2024Planned
MSKU417079920 DVMon 1st July 2024Planned
FCIU594961720 DVMon 1st July 2024Planned
MEDU795744540 HCMon 1st July 2024Planned
FFAU208042040 HCMon 1st July 2024Planned
FFAU378524540 HCMon 1st July 2024Planned
DFSU732745240 HCMon 1st July 2024Planned
TRHU753720140 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FFAU334908840 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
TGBU484376040 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FCIU980115040 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
OOLU949928540 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
TRHU883318940 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FFAU566410840 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FFAU564276840 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FFAU248422640 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
OOCU888725340 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
OOLU962997040 DVTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FFAU158500040 DVTue 2nd July 2024Planned
CAAU748789940 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
EGSU975471240 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
TXGU559326840 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
TGHU648723340 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FFAU174008840 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
OOCU903412640 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
OERU402243440 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
MAGU225357420 DVTue 2nd July 2024Planned
EGU849174740 DVTue 2nd July 2024Planned
TGBU487765240 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
MRKU278168940 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
HASU438164240 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
FBIU501401040 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
MAEU922822040 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
MSKU193286440 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
TRHU405996340 HCTue 2nd July 2024Planned
EMCU552654640 DVTue 2nd July 2024Planned
INKU220730240 DVWed 3rd July 2024Planned
TGBU238068820 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
TLLU261588620 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
CSLU225633420 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
TLLU270672820 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
SUDU139246120 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
MEDU821124040 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
CVCU020999320 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
DFSU693317840 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
MSKU592791120 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
OOLU891254240 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
MRKU364828540 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
FBIU534107640 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
OOCU710244840 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
MEDU507997320 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
PONU812307540 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
TRHU229991820 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
CAAU660915940 HCThu 4th July 2024Planned
MRKU924890120 DVThu 4th July 2024Planned
TLLU239426020 DVFri 5th July 2024Planned
MSKU526658120 DVFri 5th July 2024Planned
OOCU734533040 HCFri 5th July 2024Planned
TEMU306357020 DVFri 5th July 2024Planned
MRSU618324540 DVMon 8th July 2024Planned
OOLU144401220 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOLU184359040 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOCU734101540 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
MBNU520410720 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOLU888817440 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
CSNU718380840 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
CCLU760161740 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
CSLU188673020 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
SEKU466101840 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
CSNU729320940 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOCU781323540 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
TEMU253337020 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
CBHU889542940 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
TXGU669747840 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
RAVU681006240 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
EMCU890373040 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
FBIU550447140 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOCU656389340 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
TEMU792501340 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
FFAU188344840 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOCU847132740 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
WBPU701870540 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
EISU947084940 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
OOCU700357440 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
TRHU755979340 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
FBIU524577240 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
FSCU881395840 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
OERU415078040 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
TCLU836376240 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
FBIU531659840 DVTue 9th July 2024Planned
FFAU321571040 HCTue 9th July 2024Planned
BMOU537430340 DVWed 10th July 2024Planned
FBIU531657740 DVWed 10th July 2024Planned
MSDU421771440 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
TGBU451227440 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
TCNU180806740 DVThu 11th July 2024Planned
FFAU559072520 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
GCXU566685740 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
HASU490423440 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
MRSU391877940 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
MRSU567524040 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
TCKU764758240 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
MRSU574899040 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
MSDU801722640 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
CSLU624221540 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
FCIU709359840 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
EMCU856024640 DVThu 11th July 2024Planned
MSDU603614540 HCThu 11th July 2024Planned
TIIU520824440 HCFri 12th July 2024Planned
CSNU178401520 DVTue 16th July 2024Planned
RFCU208063320 DVTue 16th July 2024Planned
OOCU844904640 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
TEMU817464240 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
EGHU978171440 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
OOCU688614040 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
CCLU781032440 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
BEAU211873020 DVTue 16th July 2024Planned
OOCU694506840 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
CSNU676715540 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
SEKU935671640 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
FBIU502092340 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
OOLU994270140 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
CCLU791466940 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
FCIU972441340 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
EISU849011540 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
EMCU841850340 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
BSIU937668140 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
CSNU608920640 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
TXGU745145240 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
TRHU569266240 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
TCLU161221040 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
CCLU748762840 HCTue 16th July 2024Planned
BSIU804110640 DVTue 16th July 2024Planned
GESU624395440 HCThu 18th July 2024Planned
GESU389502820 DVFri 19th July 2024Planned
TGCU525168840 DVFri 19th July 2024Planned
MSCU512667840 DVFri 19th July 2024Planned