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Container Number Size Devan Day Status
FFAU332298120 DVWed 19th January 2022Completed
OOLU440734740 DVWed 19th January 2022Completed
OERU403326040 DVWed 19th January 2022Arrived
BEAU620986540 HCWed 19th January 2022Completed
CSNU835464940 HCWed 19th January 2022Arrived
TGBU316347620 DVWed 19th January 2022Completed
FFAU316311240 HCWed 19th January 2022Arrived
CSNU765125740 HCWed 19th January 2022Arrived
CBHU700359640 DVWed 19th January 2022Completed
TTNU572509240 DVWed 19th January 2022Completed
TCNU158221540 DVWed 19th January 2022Arrived
TXGU526828940 DVWed 19th January 2022Arrived
MSKU119920640 DVWed 19th January 2022Arrived
40HC EX PTV40 HCWed 19th January 2022Planned
EXS03418620 DVThu 20th January 2022Planned
TXGU565603140 HCThu 20th January 2022Landed
MAGU541423040 HCThu 20th January 2022Landed
BMOU483211940 HCThu 20th January 2022Released
EITU153076040 HCThu 20th January 2022Landed
TCNU652863940 DVThu 20th January 2022Released
MSDU806714540 HCThu 20th January 2022Released
APHU658108540 HCThu 20th January 2022Released
EMCU821574340 DVThu 20th January 2022Released
BSIU938439440 DVThu 20th January 2022Released
TRHU540275840 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
CAIU261863820 DVFri 21st January 2022Planned
TCNU295964340 HCFri 21st January 2022Planned
CAXU814128840 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
CAXU713743140 DVFri 21st January 2022Planned
CCLU742135940 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
MEDU484841440 DVFri 21st January 2022Released
FFAU325119440 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
HMCU900799040 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
TCKU235423640 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
MEDU465011540 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
CAAU555981340 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
TGCU505030140 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
OOCU717306140 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
OOLU967131040 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
FFAU314001440 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
CSNU697756840 DVFri 21st January 2022Landed
UNSU010978640 DVMon 24th January 2022Landed
TGBU477042740 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
TCNU500826840 HCMon 24th January 2022Planned
CSNU717946040 HCMon 24th January 2022Planned
BMOU561494040 HCMon 24th January 2022Planned
OOLU983435740 HCMon 24th January 2022Released
CCLU766769840 HCMon 24th January 2022Planned
OOLU942985840 HCMon 24th January 2022Planned
FCIU428409720 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
HLBU110381520 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
HLBU137227020 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
HLBU263972020 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
TEMU138062020 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
UACU345412820 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
UACU376534620 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
UACU384556520 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
UETU245398620 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
UETU275315520 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
TGHU132028520 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
CSLU230282520 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
UETU537597440 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
CSNU657821240 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
FBIU030649440 DVMon 24th January 2022Planned
EISU918110540 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
CSLU197482520 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
CSNU10008920 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
FCIU503373220 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
GESU141062120 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
GESU141209620 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
OOLU172729120 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
TGHU042043820 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
TGHU390385120 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
TLLU302729620 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
1X20 EX PTV20 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
1X20' EX PTV20 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
1X40' EX PTV40 DVTue 25th January 2022Planned
OOLU934007740 HCWed 26th January 2022Planned
TCLU932479740 HCWed 26th January 2022Planned
TEMU866594440 HCWed 26th January 2022Planned
MSDU705611040 HCWed 26th January 2022Planned
EMCU980423940 DVFri 28th January 2022Planned
OOLU865623040 HCFri 28th January 2022Planned
TRHU490325140 HCFri 28th January 2022Planned
OOCU697212440 HCFri 28th January 2022Planned
TCNU385240740 HCFri 28th January 2022Planned
CSNU774154040 HCFri 28th January 2022Planned
DFSU684214440 DVFri 28th January 2022Planned
CLHU445275740 DVMon 31st January 2022Planned
OOLU871654040 DVMon 31st January 2022Planned
TCLU966700840 DVMon 31st January 2022Planned
TCLU885162240 DVMon 31st January 2022Planned
TGHU642761440 HCTue 1st February 2022Planned
CCLU787335940 HCWed 2nd February 2022Planned
CSNU704778240 DVWed 2nd February 2022Planned
TRHU665869940 DVWed 2nd February 2022Planned
FCIU701492140 HCFri 4th February 2022Planned
UETU519998340 HCFri 4th February 2022Planned
SEGU429017040 HCFri 4th February 2022Planned
TGHU635577240 HCFri 4th February 2022Planned
APHU697979940 HCFri 4th February 2022Planned
SEGU483745840 DVFri 4th February 2022Planned
CSNU769923040 DVFri 4th February 2022Planned
CCLU394448020 DVMon 7th February 2022Planned
GLDU773757840 DVMon 7th February 2022Planned
TGBU875024440 HCTue 8th February 2022Planned
FFAU153310840 HCTue 8th February 2022Planned
CCLU482784840 DVTue 8th February 2022Planned
CCLU482784840 DVTue 8th February 2022Planned
TRHU152336620 DVWed 9th February 2022Planned
CRXU694565640 HCThu 10th February 2022Planned
TCLU630065740 HCThu 10th February 2022Planned
BMOU978212940 HCFri 11th February 2022Planned
SZLU946975340 HCMon 14th February 2022Planned
DFSU745300240 DVMon 14th February 2022Planned
TCKU907885040 DVMon 14th February 2022Planned
EISU848733840 DVTue 15th February 2022Planned
TCNU269997340 DVTue 15th February 2022Planned
DRYU970165840 DVTue 15th February 2022Planned
CXRU158883040 DVFri 18th February 2022Planned