Update on the Border Target Operating Model: for customers importing products of animal origin

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By Alex Dunbar

From the 30th April 2024, importers need to be aware of new import controls from Products of Animal Origin (POAO) / Plants, plant products, and High Risk Food of Non-Animal Origin (HRFNAO) that have been introduced. This is the second phase of the Border Target Operating Model which began in January with certain imports requiring health certifications. The Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) lays out the procedures and risk categories for these products.

From 30th  April 2024, traders must:*

  • Ensure goods arrive through an appropriately designated Border Control Post (BCP) or  Control Point (CP) for your commodity type  
  • If called, present the consignment for documentary, physical and identification inspections at the BCP or CP  

*These requirements will apply to EU and non-qualifying Northern Ireland Goods entering GB from the island of Ireland no earlier than 31st October 2024, with the precise date to be confirmed. 

Export Health certificates have been required for all Medium and High Risk goods since January 31st 2024 but from April 30th, 100% of Medium Risk consignments will be subject to documentary checks, with around a 1% being selected for physical checks.

HMRC/Defra systems will cross-check the CHED import notification and customs declaration for each consignment of goods subject to SPS controls imported from EU countries. This is already in place for non-EU countries.

High Risk goods will be subject to 100% physical checks. This is already in place for non-EU imports, but will come into force for EU imports from April 30th.

Current Requirements for Medium Risk POAO

Requirements from 30th April for POAO

How can we help?

Hemisphere Freight can help with your imports of all these commodities! We can assist you in checking the risk category for your products, then raise the required CHED import notification on your behalf and liaise with the relevant port health / DEFRA / HMRC teams to ensure the smoothest transit of your goods possible.

With our newly accredited BRCGS Warehouse in Ipswich, Hemisphere Freight is fully equipped to support your business through the importing and exporting processes. We have bonded warehousing across the UK and our brand new warehouse close to the Port of Felixstowe offers 35,536 racked pallet spaces combined with an additional 8,000 bulk-load pallets.

The third phase of the BTOM comes into force from the 31st October 2024, when safety and security declarations from the EU into the UK will become mandatory. The Government will publish more information about this in due course and we will update our customers accordingly.