HFS Attain BRCGS, Organic and TAPA FSR Accreditations

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By Greg Palmer

We’re delighted to bolster our business with three new accreditations that enhance our warehousing and distribution services. We’ve been working incredibly hard in the background to achieve Organic and BRCGS accreditations, which recognise our work with customers in the food and drink industry. We’re also dedicated to ensuring we keep up with security standards in logistics and freight by securing our TAPA FSR accreditation.

What is BRCGS accreditation?

Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) is a market-leading global brand that sets standards for food safety, packaging, materials, storage, distribution, and more.

Their accreditation assures our customers that the companies they choose to help with their processing are legal, safe, and of the highest quality.

What is an Organic accreditation?

EU regulations require any company processing or marketing food or drink to have the appropriate certifications. Processing can include manufacturing, packing or re-packing, storing, trading, or labelling.

As one of the most trusted and recognised symbols in the UK, Organic accreditation, confirms that we, as a company, are compliant with the standards set by the Soil Association in the UK.

What is a TAPA FSR accreditation?

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a framework that provides a common set of security requirements. It allows companies to protect their assets, manage risk, and reduce the financial implications of any loss due to cargo theft.

This accreditation confirms a company’s process for securing goods, providing TAPA with a stamp of approval. It provides assurances that a logistics company has stringent policies to protect against theft.

How do these accreditations benefit Hemisphere and our customers?

Hemisphere is one of the few logistics companies in the East of England to be able to offer both Organic and BRCGS accredited warehousing, storage and distribution. By obtaining these accreditations, it offers assurances to our clients that our solutions will reduce risks and potential liability and compliance to help protect their company reputation. Not only this but these accreditations also help our customers fulfil their compliance requirements as well as potentially opening up new business opportunities for them. 

What our team had to say

We’re committed to providing the best service and care to our clients and so it is imperative that we continue to strive towards accreditations in each industry. These particular ones are important to us to underline our warehouse offering and enable our teams to work with multiple industries while showcasing our commitment to safety and security on our premises.” – Greg Palmer, Customer Service and Compliance Manager