Air Freight

Air Freight

Hemisphere is one of the highest ranked independent IATA accredited agents in the UK, with a well-established facility at London Heathrow, recognised as being one of the largest and busiest cargo hubs in the world.

Our focus on speed and service has made us the number one choice for many companies, from large multinationals to small independents. We have a very experienced and dedicated team ready to help and react to any scenario.

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Flying the Standard

Our Heathrow office was opened in 1999. Alongside our offices, Hemisphere also operates an 8,000ft2 bonded warehousing facility at London Heathrow, with the capability to handle full air freight imports and exports.

Today, we have 16 staff covering a 7-day-a-week operation. Our export team work on a Saturday to ensure weekend shipments have all been delivered into the airlines and there are no issues with NES customs clearance. Any problems can be resolved on the day to ensure weekend departures are still possible and clients have peace of mind over the timely delivery of their cargo.

Special Cargo and Project Logistics

In addition to general cargo, any cargo requiring special handling, acceptance, warehousing or shipment is classified as ‘Special Cargo’, which includes the following types:

  • Heavy Goods (HEA)
  • Live Animals (AVI)
  • Dangerous Goods (DGR)
  • Human Remains (HUM)
  • Diplomatic Cargo Shipments (DCP)
  • Perishable Cargo (PER)
  • Valuable Cargo (VAL)

Hemisphere’s project logistics service includes everything required to get your goods from point A to point B. We work with all major carriers and specialist vessel owners and operators to provide an efficient delivery of non-containerised cargo both domestically and internationally.




Types of Air Freight

Air freight involves the transportation of cargo via aeroplane, making it a quicker option than shipping cargo by road or sea. As this is an expensive form of shipment, most goods transported by air are either very valuable, or required urgently. There are numerous forms of air freight delivery, as follows:

Full charter

If you have a very large (or very urgent or valuable) freight delivery, it is sometimes possible to charter an entire plane for its safe transportation. Although this is an expensive form of delivery, it ensures you maintain maximum control over the goods and flexibility of the travel arrangements, which helps to minimise delays.

Part charter

Offering the flexibility of a chartered flight at a reduced cost, a part charter involves sharing a charter flight with other customers who need cargo transported to and from the same places – an ideal choice if your freight is not big enough to require a full charter.

On-board courier

A dedicated on-board courier is an excellent way of supervising the shipment of valuable or sensitive cargo, overseeing the safe delivery of your goods from point A to point B. These couriers are experts in efficient cargo transportation and allow you to track your delivery reliably and easily, as well as offering you a point of contact if required.


Consolidation is a cost-effective form of air freight, and involves multiple shipments (often from various companies) being delivered on one chartered flight. This minimises wasted space, with costs shared across all the companies transporting goods.


Back-to-back air freight – sometimes known as a direct service – involves sending your shipments via commercially-available flights. As this does not involved chartering a flight for the specific purpose of delivering goods, it ensures costs are kept low. The goods are transported in the hold of the aeroplane.


We have a very experienced and dedicated team ready to help and react to any scenario.

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