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David Norris



Cost-efficient transport from China

One of our longest-standing clients specialises in the production of desiccants, packaging and machinery that minimises moisture and humidity damage to pharmaceutical products. As the company has grown over the past 20 years, we have adapted to offer services to new markets and in line with its changing business needs.

When we first started dealing with the client, it imported occasionally from the USA and outsourced its small storage requirement in the Heathrow area. As the business grew, the majority of its UK imports came from China via ocean freight. We identified that our facility in Ipswich, which is very close to the Port of Felixstowe, would be better placed and deliver cost savings on both transportation and storage.

“This client’s cargo requires careful packing and transportation, ensuring it doesn’t sustain any damage during transit from China to Europe. Our team has built a strong relationship with the company over the years, adapting our services in line with its business growth.”

David Norris

David Norris, Director

Project Work

  • Meeting the Challenge of Covid-19
  • Preparing Consignments for Brexit

Meeting the challenge of Covid-19

A large percentage of air cargo is carried on passenger aircraft, but due to the travel restrictions introduced globally following the Covid-19 outbreak, most airlines saw a dramatic footfall in passenger numbers and therefore suspended and cancelled many services.

With less capacity and frequency, airlines were charging a premium rate to secure the space that was available. By closely monitoring the airlines that were operating and offering a cargo service that could meet the required deadlines, we achieved a 100% delivery rate for the client during this period.

“Just-in-time service is our everyday challenge, and Hemisphere help manage this by offering diverse logistic solutions to meet our customers’ delivery deadlines. The staff at Hemisphere are friendly and approachable with a wealth of talent, knowledge and a can-do attitude. They always listen, understand our business needs and work as a team for mutual success.”
Director of Finance

Preparing consignments for Brexit

By helping our client establish a Dutch BV company and sourcing warehouse space in Rotterdam, we have ensured it can continue trading smoothly in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Any shipments from China can be diverted to Rotterdam and imported under the Dutch BV company, so Dutch import VAT can be reclaimed. They are then delivered to end user clients throughout the EU free trade zone, so no further duties or taxes would apply. Shipments to UK-based clients would continue to be routed to Felixstowe for warehousing and dispatch.


Shipments monitored from origin to destination

We import between eight and ten TEU containers per month from three to four suppliers, providing monthly FCL (full container load) rates from China to ensure the client enjoys the best rate at any one time. Our China office liaises directly with these suppliers, advising on the cargo ready date and planned sailing or flight schedule.

We provide the client with monthly FCL rates and an annual report showing the high and low seasons based on the rate levels, which helps it when preparing budgets and future shipment planning. To ensure everything goes smoothly, all shipments are closely monitored from collection through to delivery to our client’s end users.

Once the cargo arrives in the UK, we will arrange delivery to our Ipswich warehouse or the client’s own facility in Buckinghamshire. When delivering to our own warehouse, we will arrange receipt and stock holding, pending dispatch instructions from the client. Once these are received, we prepare the stock holding to match the order, arrange labelling and in some cases repack to meet certain end users’ delivery requirements. We then arrange the cargo delivery to the client’s end user in the UK, Europe or further afield.

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