Louis Appointed Director

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By Hemisphere

I’m very pleased to announce the appointment of Louis Perrin as a Director of Hemisphere Freight Services.

Not only is the company 28 years old this year, but so is Louis, and it’s fair to say that in his infant years, my time and attention was very much split between a young family and building the company, with the latter often taking priority.

From a very young age, Louis has been witness to the energy devoted to growing the company. Even during his school years, he often did shifts in the warehouse and at 18, when he decided that he wanted to join the company, whilst I was perhaps a little hesitant and wanted him to experience the world for himself, I did also see the positives of his intelligence, manner, enthusiasm and determination.

In conjunction with commencing his employment with the company, Louis enrolled on a Logistics and Transport degree course and graduated with a 2:1. Since beginning his journey with Hemisphere, Louis has worked within our warehousing operation (both on the shop floor and within administration), ocean imports, sales, and more recently, as the manager of our Projects department. Along with the Projects team, he has worked hard to gain success and recognition for the company in this niche area.

Louis has also represented the company for many years, both at home and overseas, and has always created a positive impression and been popular with clients, partners and suppliers.

The attributes that I have seen in Louis for much of his life, coupled with the knowledge and experience he has gained since joining us almost 10 years ago, and as importantly, the vision and energy he has for the future, can only be a good thing for our company.

As a director of the company, Louis has been charged with even greater responsibility, in helping us to achieve continued success with our future development, particularly in respect to our sales and marketing and enhancement of our overall services and systems, as well as our general efficiency.

We congratulate Louis and wish him continued success within his new role.