How HFS Is Supporting Amazon Sellers Worldwide  

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In 2006, e-commerce giant Amazon launched its dedicated fulfilment service, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Prior to the launch of FBA, any individual or business selling through Amazon marketplaces would have to pack their own products and organise shipment, as well as take care of any refunds or returns. 

Amazon FBA is designed to save Amazon sellers (and even those who don’t sell through Amazon) the time and hassle that comes with managing the delivery of multiple products. Sellers prepare and send their products to an Amazon fulfilment centre, where they are stored, packed and shipped to the end customer. Any post-delivery customer service, including refunds, is also managed by Amazon. 

In theory, using Amazon FBA frees up time for sellers to process more orders and therefore maximize their revenue. However, when it comes to fulfilling larger shipments, Amazon FBA may not be the best solution for your e-commerce logistics needs. 

How HFS Adds Value to Amazon Sellers Worldwide

At Hemisphere Freight Services (HFS), we work closely with a number of Amazon sellers worldwide, providing an all-encompassing and efficient logistics solution from origin to Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK and Europe. 

Despite the various advantages that Amazon FBA offers to small e-commerce businesses and individual sellers, many Amazon fulfilment centres don’t have the facilities to unload full containers – making it difficult for larger sellers to regularly deliver products in bulk. 

Our strategic location close to the Port of Felixstowe allows us to manage the delivery of containerised goods and store them in our 110,000ft2 fully bonded warehouse facility until the client wishes to dispatch into Amazon, or until Amazon can accept the cargo. We can then palletise and label products to Amazon’s strict specifications and deliver to Amazon fulfilment centres on curtain-sided vehicles. Read more about the benefits of bonded warehousing.

By allowing HFS to palletise and label cargo to Amazon specification once it has arrived in the UK – as opposed to doing it themselves at origin – sellers are able to ship more cargo in a 40ft high cube container. Not only does loading the cargo in loose cartons maximise container space, but it also reduces a seller’s carbon footprint through shipping less containers at a time.  

With our expert knowledge of Amazon’s packing and labelling requirements, we can save you the headache of prepping your goods to the firm’s exacting standards, which can result in rejects and delays if done incorrectly. Booking your delivery to an Amazon FBA warehouse can also be a little arduous at times; by dealing directly with Amazon, we will remove any unnecessary hassle, allowing you to fulfil more orders. 

Amazon Fulfilment With HFS 

Whether you’re an existing Amazon seller or are looking to start selling through Amazon, HFS can offer the complete supply chain solution you need to keep your business moving. Get in touch today to find out more about our e-commerce logistics solutions.