Hemisphere Proud Logistics Partner of Pole To Pole EV Expedition

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By Louis Perrin

No-one has ever driven pole to pole, so when we at Hemisphere were invited to play a small part in an automotive world first, we couldn’t turn it down.

As proud sponsors of the Pole to Pole Electric Vehicle Expedition, we’ve just enabled the dreams of husband and wife team, adventurers Chris and Julie Ramsey, in their heroic efforts to travel the 27,000km route from North to South.

What are they doing?

Starting in the Magnetic North Pole and progressing through the Americas, before moving towards the tropics and onward to the South Pole in Antarctica: Chris and Julie are undertaking an epic journey to actively promote sustainable action in every country that they visit. They’ll be visiting schools, partnering with kids news platform News-O-Matic to engage the next generation.

Why are they doing it?

Chris and Julie are passionate about electric vehicles and how they can help tackle the Climate Crisis. They have dedicated their lives to proving the role that EVs can play in the fight against climate change, and are using this opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate the viability of electric vehicles in the harshest of extremes
  • Raise awareness of the global threat of the Climate Crisis and its impact on our planet
  • Prove the feasibility of EVs for climate scientists in Polar Regions to replace their current combustion engine vehicles with clean EVs.

How is Hemisphere Freight Services helping?

As official partner sponsors, we were involved for the first leg of the Pole to Pole EV exhibition. Our job was to ship the modified Nissan Ariya from ports in Reykjavik, Iceland to Halifax, Nova Scotia province, Canada.

The Ariya arrived safely and to schedule, to the delight of intrepid electric vehicle adventurer, Chris Ramsey:

“Woo hoo, I have been reunited with my Pole to Pole EV expedition Ariya in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The car made the journey from Reykjavík to Halifax, and the team cannot thank Hemisphere Freight Services enough for handling the whole process from start to finish, making sure the car arrived safely. Thank you to the team at HFS, Michael Stanton and Dan L for supporting the logistics during this crucial part of the journey.”

“HFS kept the team up to date every step of the way. Communications from them were brilliant. Great team, good bunch of people and highly recommend them.”

Chris Ramsey, Electric Vehicle Adventurer

An automotive and EV shipping partner that you can trust

“We were delighted to help with the safe carriage of the Nissan from all the way from Reykjavík port to Nova Scotia. We’re no strangers to shipping automotives, and it’s great that we’ve had such an exciting opportunity to add further Electric Vehicle movements to our portfolio. We wish Chris and Julie all the best for their onward journey and are excited to track their progress.”

Michael Stanton, Business Development Manager, Hemisphere

From shipping supercars and EVs to farm machinery or smaller vehicle parts: our knowledge and experience of automotive logistics makes us a trusted partner for numerous customers who need vehicles shipped to Europe, the Middle East or further afield.

If you’re looking for a partner to aid any aspect of your logistics operation, including air freight, please get in touch.

Who’s ready to follow a World Record attempt?

To track the next stages of Chris and Julie’s world record attempt, make sure to follow Hemisphere Freight Services on LinkedIn.