Exporting is GREAT: Government Launches New ‘Export Opportunities’ Tool for SMEs

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Toward the end of 2015, the government launched the Exporting is GREAT campaign – a five-year programme for businesses designed to present real-time export opportunities that can be applied for online. The scheme was launched as part of a government initiative intended to get 100,000 more companies exporting products overseas by the year 2020.

Speaking at the time of the launch, then Minister for Trade and Investment, Lord Francis Maude, said: “We are confident that through this campaign, by raising awareness of and providing access to these opportunities, together with giving companies the practical advice and guidance they need, we will inspire and support thousands of new companies in an exciting new venture of selling overseas.”

Export Opportunities tool

More recently, the government has launched its new Export Strategy, designed to support businesses of all sizes in making the most of sales opportunities in markets all around the world. As part of this initiative, the government has rolled out an enhanced Export Opportunities tool, an online portal giving UK businesses access to tender opportunities from international clients looking to import products from British businesses. More broadly, the Export Strategy scheme aims to increase total exports as a proportion of the UK’s GDP to 35%.

Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox, said: “Now there are more than 20,000 export opportunities available to search online, helping UK companies sell their goods overseas – and help meet our ambition for Britain to become a 21st-century exporting superpower. As an international economic department, we are determined to see the UK thrive and to help support, connect and grow UK companies on the world stage through our international network.”

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