Daniel Norris Achieves DGSA Certification

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By Hemisphere

The team here at Hemisphere welcome this opportunity to extend our congratulations to Daniel Norris – a valued and longstanding member of our team who has recently been certified as a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) under the Department for Transport’s accreditation scheme.

The training and certification, delivered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) as an agent for the Department for Transport, qualifies Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers to act in an advisory capacity in relation to the classification, packaging, labelling and transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods by land, sea or air. The role requires precise and in-depth knowledge of international regulations and laws that cover the handling and transport of potentially dangerous materials, as well as ensuring compliance with applicable environmental protection rules.

The DGSA qualification itself takes the form of an internationally recognised Vocational Training Certificate (VTC) that can only be gained by passing multiple examinations approved by the Department for Transport and the SQA as its agent. Daniel undertook a full day of written exams at the SQA examination centre near Guildford on 14th September, and we’re delighted that he passed with flying colours and has since been issued with his certificate qualifying him to act as an official Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser for Hemisphere.

Developing our people

At Hemisphere we take a great pride in facilitating the ongoing training and continuing professional development of our employees at all levels. We believe in the potential of our people and, just as importantly, we understand the value that such training and accreditations add to our business. In this particular case, Daniel’s qualification as a certified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser means Hemisphere has an on-site expert able to ensure day-to-day regulatory compliance in relation to the stowage, transfer and movement of dangerous goods, as well detailed knowledge of arrangements needed to deal with emergency situations, should a problem arise during the storage or transportation of hazardous material.

As a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser for Hemisphere, Daniel’s duties will also include an annual inspection and report to management on matters relating to ongoing regulatory compliance and environmental safety. Daniel is looking forward to this new area of responsibility, and the we’re excited about the new possibilities that this opens up for our business and our clients in the handling of different types of freight.

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