Big Energy Projects

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By Hemisphere

We’re proud to be part of several big energy projects in the East

With its shallow seas and sustained wind levels, East Anglia boasts some of the most perfect conditions for harnessing wind energy in Europe. And with such a huge push for clean energy happening worldwide, we’re seeing a massive level of investment in big energy projects in the area that should change both the way we work and how we power our homes – something Hemisphere is proud to be a part of.

The forefront of renewable energy

The ideal conditions seen in Suffolk, Norfolk, and the Humber estuary has led to a number of wind farm projects springing up in the area. From the 226MW Galloper wind farm that should be powering 336k homes by 2018, to the 714MW East Anglia 1 project that finishes construction in 2020 and will power 500k houses, East Anglia is at the forefront of renewable energy in the UK.

If all three zones of the upcoming Hornsea wind farm are given the go-ahead, it will become the largest wind farm in the world.

And it’s not just wind energy that is rejuvenating the energy industry in East Anglia. Plans are currently going ahead for a new twin-reactor nuclear power station at Sizewell, bringing further clean energy, development and jobs to the area.

Local benefits

It’s these jobs, as well as increased infrastructure and income for local businesses, that make these big energy projects of such benefit to our local communities.

East Anglia 1 alone created 5000 jobs during its construction phase and, although this is only a temporary stage, maintenance, support and ancillary roles will provide ongoing and long-term employment.

The influx of workers during the construction phase also provides a huge boost to both local businesses and the local housing market. Not to mention the health and environmental benefits that come from having so much of our power provided by clean energy.

The vital role of Hemisphere

It’s not just local communities who benefit from big energy either. Such huge construction projects mean big things for logistics companies too, and that’s where Hemisphere comes in.

Hemisphere has been playing a vital role in these projects by providing a wide range of logistics services and solutions for energy projects – not just in the East of England, but across the UK.

During the construction of the Galloper wind farm, we were responsible for delivering a whopping 180-tonne transformer to the site – a job that required a detailed route survey and a great deal of planning.

We’ve previously delivered massive wind turbines and all kinds of oversized loads as part of our mission to offer energy companies a one-stop shop that covers overseas to onshore site deliveries, including storage, shipping, transport and customs clearance.

We’re uniquely placed to access the newly-renovated Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, and Felixstowe ports, which are starting to play a huge role in offshore vessel docking and supply and maintenance routes.

Every big energy project we’ve contributed to so far has presented us with different challenges to overcome, meaning we’re well-versed in problem solving and finding solutions. Fortunately, our in-depth knowledge of the East of England region, crucial for things like route planning for oversized loads, means there’s nothing we can’t handle from a project management perspective.

We love being part of such a hi-tech and innovative industry and we’re excited to continue our work with the world’s leading energy companies to help both East Anglia, and the UK as a whole, reap the rewards of renewable energy.