Padiham Transformer



  • Rotterdam, Netherlands to Preston, UK

Client Account Manager

Daniel Morgan

Project Co-ordinator


Time and Tide Wait for No Man

One of Hemisphere’s landmark projects was the shipment of a 180-tonne transformer from Rotterdam to Preston Marina. We were only given one week’s notice to find a suitable coaster vessel to receive the transformer from the Hyundai Mother Vessel.

This was a complex operation as the coaster options were extremely limited due to the restrictions at Preston Marina, which is predominately used to house small motor boats and yachts.

Due to the small lock, the transformer’s position on board the coaster vessel was key.

Hemisphere’s project managers and appointed surveyor were on site to ensure the successful transshipment, making sure the coaster set sail for Preston on time, which was vital as Preston Marina is hugely limited by the tides.

We had a 3-day tidal window to work with for the whole operation, therefore any delay in transit could have left the vessel stranded for a month, with the transformer on board.

"We had a three-day tidal window to work with for the whole operation, therefore any delay in transit could have left the vessel stranded for a month, with the transformer on board! Effective project management ensured the coaster was discharged effectively."

Daniel Morgan

Project Coordinator, HFS


Smooth Sailing

Thankfully all loading operations went smoothly and the weather was kind during the transit, so our coaster made great progress.

Daniel Morgan, Hemisphere’s project manager, along with a number of the general public were present to welcome our coaster vessel and to oversee the discharge operation.

The coaster was discharged effectively, completing another successful project for the Hemisphere team.

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