Autoclave Relocation to Thailand



  • UK Laem Chabang, Thailand

Client Account Manager

Daniel Morgan

Project Co-ordinator


A Unique Overseas Mission

When our overseas partner contacted us in the very beginning for a quotation, this seemed like a straightforward shipment. But as is often the case with project cargo & abnormal loads there is no such thing as straightforward.

After the quotation stage, the final client obviously had a lot of matters to consider for this shipment. As this was relocation from one operational facility in the UK to another site on the other side of the world in Laem Chabang, Thailand. So it was not until the building surrounding the Autoclave had already been broken down that the client actually contracted Hemisphere, through our overseas partner.

"Our project managers were on-site to witness the loading, as well as re-arrange cranes for the port, due to the delays caused by the crane at the factory site."

Daniel Morgan

Project Coordinator, HFS


Making Arrangements

Once the outer building had been removed the pressure was on to secure the necessary road transport permits and finalise the matching ocean vessel booking, for prompt shipment.

After attending a meeting at the UK site with the client, our project manager had a greater understanding of the complexities of the factory removal operation and the road transport issues.

Not only was the building around the Autoclave already dismantled, but the access road to the factory site was undergoing extensive alterations which would have caused major problems for the transport route for such a wide piece.

Hemisphere’s project managers worked quickly to contract the necessary trucking services/permits, arrange the sea freight vessel booking for this piece as breakbulk cargo in a protected underdeck position, and all details were finalised within a little over one week.

With all arrangements in place, our project manager attended the loading from factory and port operations. Due to the size of the cargo, the transport permits would only allow for us to move the Autoclave on a Sunday morning, to minimise the impact on traffic. Especially because the operation at the factory meant that a narrow access road to other businesses had to be closed in order for our truck to be loaded.


Overcoming Crane Challenges and Delighting Clients

Our truck was in place on time but, as the crane that was making its final adjustments ready to lift the Autoclave, it burst a hydraulic hose, rendering it unable to lift the cargo. If the crane was not repairable within a few hours then the operation would have had to be postponed for a full week, which would mean additional costs and delays for our client.

Whilst waiting for engineers to arrive to attempt to repair the crane, our project manager began to check the next possibility to recover the schedule, if the repair was not possible. However, thankfully the repair was made and the cargo was loaded to our truck and was able to proceed to Southampton port without further incident.

Our project manager traveled with the cargo to the port and met with the carrier appointed a surveyor to discuss the appropriate lifting & securing of the cargo.

We stayed in attendance until the Autoclave was safely stowed & secured onboard the vessel. Another successful shipment and satisfied customer.

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