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Client Account Manager

Phil Rushby


A dedicated UK partner for a growing E-Commerce brand

Olli Ella prides itself on providing unique, sustainably made children’s toys, womenswear and gifts for the home. Like many ecommerce businesses, Olli Ella has faced its fair share of external challenges, from the logistical complexities arising from pandemic to energy crises and geopolitical instabilities. Operating globally, they needed a trusted and highly experienced UK logistics partner to manage their warehousing, fulfilment and distribution.

Hemisphere total logistics management solutions empowers Olli Ella to focus their efforts on driving the business’ success, rather than managing complex administration and regulation. From the beginning of our partnership to the present, we have worked with Olli Ella to deliver the standards and efficiencies needed to drive their brand forward.

Fulfilling industry leading despatch and accuracy targets

When the pandemic hit – along with the instant boom in online shopping – we were there to help Olli Ella maximise the opportunity. In September 2020, Olli Ella added fulfilment to their services, bringing Hemisphere onboard at an incredibly busy period. Despite the challenges of a sharp order backlog and high level of continuous order processing, we were able not only to deliver during this very challenging time, but create a spirit of collaboration that has set the standard. Today, we typically operate at over 95% on time dispatch record (including peak periods) alongside a 99%+ order picking accuracy, which ultimately leads to a reduction in customer service demands, fewer returns and more repeat business for the brand.


“Navigating the global retail industry is a challenge but Hemisphere has always been glad to assist and are instrumental in making our UK operations a success.”

Elena Kabalkina

Logistics Coordinator, Olli Ella


Getting the right products to the right regions

Our growing partnership opened the door on a complex stock repositioning project to help Olli Ella take advantage of the boom in E-Commerce.

Olli Ella’s product range is diverse, as are the needs of the market that it serves. What sells well in one country or region won’t necessarily translate to another. Having carried out a review of its products vs regions, we helped Olli Ella get the right products to the right places, meaning that shipments could be made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The outcome was achieved through a complex stock re-engineering operation by Hemisphere, involving imports, exports, customs and container loading across locations in the UK, EU, United states and Australia.

Efficiency during E-Commerce peak periods

Hemisphere embraces technology to give clients accurate and timely information right across their supply chain. For example, Olli Ella’s employees have visibility of bookings made by their suppliers, through ocean freight, right through to the arrival of the goods here in the UK – including all custom clearance. Once in the UK, employees can check in via an online portal to get live access to order updates, tracking and inventory, providing a transparent and efficient end to end supply chain solution.

Like many companies in the gift market, Olli Ella experiences peaks all across the calendar, particularly around Black Friday and Christmas. Our integrated courier base ensures reliable and efficient pick, pack and dispatch servicing direct from our warehouse; alongside value-adding services, such as adding gift cards into packages to increase brand awareness and repeat orders.


Port Centric logistics

Hemisphere’s proximity to The Port of Felixstowe also has huge advantages for ecommerce brands. Having easy access to stock not only not only reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions, but increases speed and efficiency, for onward distribution. Just one more reason to consider Hemisphere!

“Our aim is to give our customers all the information they need to run their ecommerce business efficiently while still offering a personal service.”

Phil Rushby

Client Account Manager, Hemisphere

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