Bugatti Chiron & Mercedes G63 6×6


Bugatti Chiron & Mercedes G63 6×6

Road Haulage

Bugatti Chiron & Mercedes G63 6×6

Project Logistics

Bugatti Chiron & Mercedes G63 6×6

Air Freight

In 2017, we were tasked with arranging and managing the safe transport of a Bugatti Chiron and Bentley Bentayga from London to Bahrain. Given the value and prestige of the cargo, the project involved a great deal of planning and coordination; it also saw us working closely with authorities both in the UK and throughout Europe, such was the public interest in the vehicles.

With the delivery completed to the client’s satisfaction, they were happy to utilise our services again in December 2018. The cargo on this occasion was the same Bugatti Chiron, albeit with a Mercedes G63 6×6 as the support vehicle.

“Working with high-value cargo comes with a lot of pressure, but our experience in automotive transport meant we were able to meet every challenge with confidence.”

Dan Leach

Projects Team Manager

Dan - HFS Team Member