Mar 19

Glossary of Trade Organisations

Clock 2 minutes to read

There are numerous shipping, freight and logistics organisations around the world, all of which help promote the industry and give the people working within it a voice. Here more
Jan 19

Glossary of Shipping Terms

Clock 17 minutes to read

The shipping and logistics industry is packed full of technical terms and jargon. Although we try not to use it as much as we can, sometimes it’s unavoidable. more
Dec 18

The Importance of Logistics When Shipping Internationally

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Logistics is a fundamental part of international shipping; efficient management of logistics can make the whole process much easier and smoother for all parties involved. With that in mind, more
Nov 18

Shipping Container Types and Dimensions

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Shipping containers across the globe sizes follow the international standard called the ISO (Industrial Standards Organisation). These containers have been created specifically to meet the demands of exporters more
Oct 18

Why Logistics is a Career Worth Pursuing

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Although there are thousands of people in the UK working in the field of logistics, jobs in the industry rarely seem to be high on the list when more