Hitting New Heights in Shenzhen

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By Hemisphere

As part of our commitment to providing a first-class service based on local expertise, Hemisphere have strengthened our presence in China with the opening of our new office in DiWang Tower, Shenzhen. With stunning views across the city it is the the tallest all-steel building in the country.

Also known as Shun Hing Square (below, centre), the tower is one of the landmark skyscrapers in Shenzhen, a city that is among the four largest and wealthiest in China. With exceptionally close geographical and trade links to neighbouring Hong Kong, Shenzhen is increasingly seen as the leading city in the country for business, innovation and technology and has grown exponentially in recent years – less than forty years ago it was merely a fishing village!

DiWang Tower in Shenzhen

Our Operations in China

Our team in China play a key role in co-ordinating our logistics movements in the Far East. Working with local partner companies we are very much focused on maintaining the strong relationships that we have built within China’s logistics industry.

Joyce & Doris in China


Headed up by Joyce Huang and Doris Su (pictured above) –  two experienced logistics professionals – the office enhances the information flow across timezones to allow us to offer truly global customer service. Liaising with manufacturers and partners, the Shenzhen team enable us to adapt quickly in the fast-moving logistics industry. With Shenzhen so well connected for air and ocean freight they are heavily focused on organising transport to and from – as well as across – China.

Company Director Louis Perrin commented:

“Our team in China combined with our local Chinese partners provide an invaluable service to our clients, their suppliers and Hemisphere’s team. Over the past years their dedication and expertise has greatly contributed to the smooth flow of products to and from China and allowed for effective communication and response times along the supply chain. We are proud to have opened our neutral office where we can continue to provide and develop effective logistics solutions within our Global Trade Network.”

Shenzhen in Numbers

Interested to know more about Shenzhen? Here are our top three Shenzhen facts and figures:

  • In 2016, Shenzhen accounted for 11 of the 128 completed buildings in the world measuring over 200 metres tall (more than the entire United States!)
  • The city’s average income is over 50 percent higher than that of Beijing and Shanghai
  • The first major stock exchange in China opened in Shenzhen in 1990

If you’d like to learn more about our operations in the Far East and how your business could benefit, please do get in touch with the team. You can also find out more about the array of logistics services that we offer across the globe here.