Stress-free seasonal shipments – quick tips for Black Friday and Christmas

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By Louis Perrin

With Black Friday fast approaching on the 24th of November and Christmas just a month later, it’s the most wonderful (and the busiest) time of the year here in the world of logistics! As always, thinking ahead is critical to avoid the stress – so talk to us now about your deadlines. It really is never too early to be thinking about Christmas!

Here are some quick tips for a less stressful holiday season:

  1. Consider pushing back: Rates and capacity go sky-high across the supply chain in the pre-Christmas buildup – this is especially true of air freight, so if there are any orders that you can push back until the New Year, then it makes sense to do so. 
  2. Be flexible: If you want something on the shelves by Christmas, then you’re probably looking at air freight – but does your entire shipment have to land at once or could you consider sending smaller amounts via air and the rest by sea? Being flexible can help you save money while still meeting your commitments.
  3. Bundle up: You might not have enough to fill a container load but don’t worry; our consolidation services combine multiple shipments that are headed for similar destinations and you only pay for what you need. This can be a big benefit when responding to unpredictable buying behaviour. A consolidation approach means that your load could hop in with consignments already going via air, allowing you to get your goods to customers even faster!

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For more guidance on meeting your Christmas deadlines, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.