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Dan Leach

Projects Team Manager


An Entire Fleet of Supercars

Having managed a number of supercar shipments for clients in the Middle East, Hemisphere Freight Services was recommended to a well-known supercar club for an epic project. As a result of our reputation in this field, we were entrusted with a shipment of 20 high-value exotic vehicles from three locations in the Middle East to the UK, including their return a few weeks later.

The purpose of the shipment was to allow the vehicles to take part in the club’s annual overseas tour, which on this occasion was to start and finish in the UK – with the club’s members visiting a number of countries via some of Europe’s finest roads and landmarks over a two-week period.

Working with our new client, Hemisphere put together a full logistics solution. Taking control of the vehicles after the owners had driven them to their preferred port, we handled all documentation and customs formalities at origin, loading of the vehicles into 13 shipping containers, ocean freight to a UK port and UK customs clearance.

Upon arrival, the cars were unloaded following our vehicle handling procedure, then delivered directly to the club’s chosen hotel utilising specialist transporters to cater for the extremely low ground clearance which is typical on these vehicles.

"Through our experience and planning, all vehicles arrived at the hotel on time, and it wasn’t long before the car park was filled with the sights and sounds of some of the world’s finest automobiles – Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren to name but a few."

Dan Leach

Projects and Automotive Team Manager, HFS


A Satisfied Manufacturer

Given the nature of this shipment, meticulous planning was required. With over 40 participants, a huge amount of organisation by the club, and various events/hotels booked at vast cost, failing to meet shipping and delivery dates would have had a huge impact on the tour. It’s safe to say our reputation, and indeed that of our customer, was on the line if we didn’t deliver!

Thankfully that wasn’t the case and the arrival of the cars drew quite a crowd from those within earshot, resulting in many pictures and videos being taken on hastily produced smartphones!

Once the tour finally started and the club’s adventure began, Hemisphere stayed on hand and in touch with the club’s president, in order to offer our assistance should there be any emergency transportation requirements, or any other issues along the way.

At the same time, planning was in progress for the return shipment, and although this didn’t carry the pressure of the first leg, we had tight schedules to maintain and further challenges, in the form of owners changing plans, and in some cases, ports of destination, after the event.

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