Liverpool Gas Scrubber


Liverpool Gas Scrubber

Road Haulage

Hemisphere were very pleased to provide our UK handling and transport services on this recent project – moving a 32-metre high Gas Scrubber system from Liverpool port to the final project site.

Having been involved from the initial quotation stage, our project manager was in contact and on hand at all times to oversee every aspect of the movement from planning to operation completion. Our role was to move all the various dismantled sections and packed parts of this Gas Scrubber system from vessel arrival at Liverpool port, through to the final destination at the project site, approximately 60 miles away in Lancashire.

There were some challenges during the project, due to Sunday delivery days, police requirements and unforeseen road accidents, which meant quickly assessing and utilising an alternative route and calling in additional trucking escorts. Fortunately, we love thinking on our feet and solving problems as we go!

Daniel Morgan

Project Co-ordinator

Daniel - HFS Team Member