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Ferrari F430

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Here at Hemisphere we get a lot of enjoyment out of building long-term partnerships with our customers, and one unique customer in particular has stood out recently.

Not only have we been working with this customer for almost a decade, but we’ve handled the exact same cargo, every single time. The cargo in question is one, stunning Rosso Corsa Ferrari F430. Whether it’s their history, pedigree, or their ability to repeatedly build cars full of purpose, emotion and desirability, it’s no wonder that the Ferrari brand conjures up so much passion amongst car fans across the world. Unsurprisingly, this particular car is our customer’s pride and joy – but this isn’t simply down to ownership. Unlike many cars of this type, it doesn’t spend its life tucked away doing a handful of miles a year. Instead, it has taken our customer on all sorts of adventures through over 20 countries (and counting), and as a result holds significant personal value.

This value is something we truly understand and appreciate here at Hemisphere, so it goes without saying that from the moment any cargo such as this comes under our control, we treat it as if it were our own prized possession.

"We are proud that our customer continues to put his faith in us, and we have no doubt that our relationship - as well as the car - will enjoy many more years to come."

Dan Leach

Projects Team Manager

Dan - HFS Team Member