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Client Account Manager

Daniel Morgan

Project Co-ordinator


A Personalised Packing Program

After initial correspondence with the client, our team were invited to the former Guardian newspaper printing press site in Stratford, East London. Our project manager and export packing manager attended the site to assess the scope of the work, and created a packing program and quote that was fit for the client’s specifications and schedule.

The remit for this work was for our team to follow the client’s engineers throughout the site, and export pack each part of the three print sorting lines as the engineers dismantled/disconnected them. We were then able to build each new pallet/case to the client’s exact specifications and requirements using ISPM15 heat treated timber, and sealed each part with a vacuum sealed foil bag (including desiccant).

"In less than two months, our project and packing teams were able to provide our client with the exact service and specifications that they required, and successfully deliver to schedule."

Dan Morgan

Project Co-Ordinator, HFS


A Mammoth Undertaking

With a little over 200 parts required, the packing crew were on-site in East London for almost three weeks, whilst another 500 storage rollers were transported to our Ipswich parking site, where the rest of our packing department were busy packing into 84 fully enclosed export cases.

These 84 cases were then stored at our Ipswich facility, while the client agreed with the Guardian to store the remaining pieces across the three-storey printing site in East London.

In the months following this project, our projects team were approached by the client to quote for further packing of pallets/cases on-site at the Guardian emergency sorting facility in Trafford Park, Manchester, and to quote to ship all of the equipment by 20-40ft sea freight containers to Melbourne, Australia, where the client was hoping to sell the equipment to a potential buyer.

Once the client and buyer had agreed a deal for the equipment, our team were given the go-ahead for the remaining export packing, export container loading and sea freight shipping. The challenge here was that the client only had one month to remove all of the cargo from the Guardian sites in Manchester and London.


A Great Result

We immediately mobilised our export packing team to Manchester to pack the last remaining pieces at this location – and load them into two shipping containers – within one week. Our crew then promptly moved to the site in East London, and over the next two weeks they loaded a further 27 containers, whilst the remaining 84 cases – stored at our main Ipswich warehouse – were loaded into a further 12 containers.

However, neither the Manchester nor London sites had any container loading facilities. So, once the client was able to hire some forklift trucks we then contracted container side-loader trucks to lift each container to the floor, and our packing crew was able to load using the fork trucks in this way.

All cargo was packed over a two week period, loaded into containers and shipped to arrive in Melbourne on time and on budget. Our Melbourne partner agent was also on hand to provide the final delivery to the buyers’ site with the containers, ready for the buyer to successfully unload.

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