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Client Account Manager

Dan Leach

Projects Team Manager


A Carefully-Considered Logistics Project

With feasibility, planning and manufacturing just some of the factors that need to be considered in project logistics, it’s no surprise that a lot of projects end up being “slow burners”. That’s certainly the case for one of our recent projects, which was three and a half years in the making.

Back in the autumn of 2015, we started discussing a drilling rig project from the UK to Algeria for Dando Drilling, one of Hemisphere’s long-standing customers. The package was to consist of six vehicles – two Watertec 12.8 truck mounted drilling rigs, two converted Iveco Daily vans and two converted Iveco Trakkers – alongside a 40’ shipping container loaded with drill rods and various other tools and machinery.

"This was a challenging project from start to finish, but having the trust of the client throughout made it a lot easier than it otherwise could have been. We have established a strong relationship with Dando and look forward to our next project with them, whenever that may be."

Dan Leach

Projects Team Manager, HFS


Project Scope

Hemisphere’s scope of work was to purchase and supply the customer with the shipping container, collect all vehicles and the container once loaded from our customer’s site, deliver to the Port of Harwich and ship the consignment to Oran port, whilst also providing marine insurance to cover a value in excess of two million Euros.

One advantage of having so much time was that we were able to review our solution at numerous stages, ensuring we had the best option for both our customer and the end user. In the end, we were able to combine a solution that was not only cost-effective but also enabled all the vehicles and the container to ship on the same vessel, with a fast transit time.


A Successful Delivery

Hemisphere’s project managers were on site to carry out cargo inspections and photograph all units, and we were also required to assist in some repacking of the container when the decision was made to remove some items at the last minute.

Whilst all deliveries and preparations for sailing went well, the vessel was unfortunately delayed en route to Harwich. The sailing, which was originally meant to leave prior to Christmas, was now scheduled to sail a few days after. However, after three and a half years both ourselves and our customer were prepared to wait a little longer.

Despite the delayed departure, the vessel impressively maintained the original ETA into Oran port. Having also prepared all necessary documentation to facilitate easy clearance by the consignee, we successfully completed this project for our client, and after so long it’s nice to think the rigs will now be doing the work Dando products are well renowned for.

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