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Feb 18

Record Air Freight Peak Season Causes Significant Backlogs

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As early as November last year, the global freight industry was seeing an unprecedented spike in demand following a relatively calm summer. A massive uptick in demand in more
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Dec 17

Electric Vehicles – When Change Comes Charging in to Logistics

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Change is coming to the world of road transport. By as early as 2025, some countries are planning to completely phase out the sale of petrol and diesel-fuelled more
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Aug 17

How is Wellington Port Recovering from the 2016 Earthquake?

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The Kaikoura earthquake struck on 14th November 2016. Two souls perished. Nine months later, New Zealand, including Wellington Port, is still recovering. We’re proud to have HGL Ltd ( more
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Jul 17

Latest Logistics Tech

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Rapid technological progress is all around us and the logistics industry – in common with many others sectors – is going through a period of unprecedented transformation. In more
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Jun 17

E-commerce Logistics

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The Rise and Rise of E-commerce Logistics From humble beginnings, e-commerce has grown to become the purchase channel of choice for many, in both business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions. Incredibly, more